Welcome to my website! 👋

I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering
👉 I’m specializing in data (big data, data mining, ML, etc.)
👉 Software engineering is cool, but currently I’m very interested in programming languages and functional programming

📌 Delft, The Netherlands

Building the Best Anti-Fraud Bot You've Never Heard Of

An adventurous dive into the world of fraudulent Steam/Discord links

I made a Discord bot that will automatically detect fraudulent Steam/Nitro links on Discord, and ban the person sending these. The impressive part: it works on never-before seen links, and its false-positive and false-negative rate is ridiculously low. It’s totally open source and you can protect your server too! Check out the Installation section if you are interested. This post is quite technical. If you’re interested in how I developed this idea, then you are in for a treat. [Read More]
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