Welcome to my blog! 👋

I will be pursuing a Master of Science in Software Engineering of Distributed Systems.
👉 My interests currently resolve around programming and programming languages, DevOps and distributed systems.
👉 I wrote my Bachelor’s thesis on type-checking using scope graphs.
👉 In the past years I’ve covered a lot of breadth of topics, feel free to have a look around in my repositories :)

📌 Berlin, Germany

Candor: A Simple and Powerful CI Ecosystem

Why I decided to build my own CI in a world of many CI possibilities

Candor is a CI ecosystem - a dashboard with runners - that not only caters to my needs but is also a manifestation of what happens when I let my passion and perfectionism get the better of me. Behind it is a multi-year process, months of active development, fuelled by caffeine and sheer commitment. If you would like to check it out, you can view the project on GitHub. With this post, I intend to highlight not only the technical details but also the process. [Read More]

Building the Best Anti-Fraud Bot You've Never Heard Of

An adventurous dive into the world of fraudulent Steam/Discord links

I made a Discord bot that will automatically detect fraudulent Steam/Nitro links on Discord, and ban the person sending these. The impressive part: it works on never-before seen links, and its false-positive and false-negative rate is ridiculously low. It’s totally open source and you can protect your server too! Check out the Installation section if you are interested. This post is quite technical. If you’re interested in how I developed this idea, then you are in for a treat. [Read More]
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