Hello there...

(...General Kenobi!) Let me tell you something about myself

The basics

I’ve never been able to properly describe myself so I will just quote my GitHub about me:

Diving into big data, programming languages and improving productivity and workflow. Formerly part-time full-stack Minecraft Server/Network developer.

Sometimes I feel like a functional programming language. I really vibe with lazy evaluation. My pet peeve is wasting time/effort/productivity.

I currently live in the Netherlands. I speak both German and English fluently, maar mijn nederlands is heel slecht.

My goal

The goal of this blog is to explore issues that are facing me as a person and software developer. Ultimately, I want to talk about my experiences in developing tools for the greater good of consumers and developers. However, this blog will probably also feature quite a lot of interesting problems I encountered and how I solved them.


Over the years, I’ve picked up quite a lot of programming languages. Here’s a somewhat comprehensive list of the languages and technologies I’ve played around with. By no means am I fluent/proficient in all of these (at the same time). However, I have solved problems in them. Should I need to, I will have no problem picking them up again.

  • 🤓 x86_64 Assembly [GAS Syntax]
  • 🏎️ ANSI-C/C++
  • ⚙️ Rust
  • 🐹 Go
  • Java
    • 🌱 Spring
    • ⛏️ BungeeCord, Spigot & Co.
  • 🎩 Scala/Kotlin
  • 😢 JavaScript
    • 🪓 Node.js/ES6
    • 📈 AJAX/jQuery
    • 🦏 Nashorn
  • 🐍 Python
    • ✍️ Jupyter Notebook
    • 🔢 NumPy
  • 💾 Databases/Caches
    • 🐘 PostgreSQL
    • 🐬 MariaDB
    • 👁️ Cassandra
    • 🗄️ Redis
  • 📰 LaTeX
    • 📚 BibLaTeX
  • 🖍️ Markup
    • 🌐 HTML/CSS/ejs/Pug
    • 🎈 JSON/XML